VMIX Midi Mapper Beta v0.0.3

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l’ASV TV a développé un logiciel permettant de programmer un clavier midi et autorisant ainsi son utilisation dans le logiciel de vidéo VMIX.

ASV TV has developed a software to map a midi keyboard and thus allowing its use in video software VMIX.


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VMIX Midi Mapper is able to send API Function unsing a MIDI device to the wonderful program nammed « VMIX ».

The actual version (v0.0.3) is designed to work with VMIX v11.0.65

Be careful, antivus software doesn’t like vMixMidiMapper ! Disable it if possible.

Installation :
Run the setup.exe as administrator otherwise some .dll will miss.

Features :

– Toogle Buttons with a specific API functions list
– Momentary buttons with a specific API functions list
– Knob or Fader a specific API functions list
– Save or load presets
– Clear all the list
– Delete one item
– Able to add midi shortcut even when vmix is running (just click on stop vmix connection, add your shortcut, and click on start vmix connection)
How it works :

– First of all, be sure that the last driver of your midi device is install
– In case your hardware is delivered with a configuration software, configure your hardware with it before launch the VmixMidiMapper
– Start Vmix and load your inputs. Don’t forget to activate « Web » into Vmix Settings
– Plugged your midi hardware and be sure that it is detected by Windows
– Start the VmixMidiMapper software
– Choose a midi input
– Start the Midi monitoring
– Press a button to see the value into the « Live Midi Data » textbox
– If it is a momentary button, keep the button press and click on the « = » button next the « Midi Input Data to add » textbox
– If it is a toogle button, just push the button and click on the « = » button.
– If it is a knob or fader, just turn it (or move it) and click on the « = » button to see the value into the « Midi Input Data to add » textbox
– After that, select the behavior of your button (momentary, toogle, knob/fader)
– Choose a Label for your midi shortcut (ex : « Cam1 » to put input 1 into Preview)
– Choose a function to attribute (fill all parameters needed when asked)
– Click on the button « Add to list » (upper right)
– Do same method for other midi inputs. No shortcuts number limitation.
– Fill the IP adress and Port of Vmix
– Click on « Start Vmix Connection »

– Now, you are connected to Vmix. Enjoy ! 😀

– To exit the program, DO IN THIS ORDER (otherwise, it might have some exit issues (midi devices not closed, etc …)
1/ Click on « Stop Vmix Connection »
2/ Click on « Stop MIDI Monitoring »
3/ Click on « Exit »

This software was developped with a NanoKontrol2 Midi Keyboard. So, if you’re using another type of device, some values may change.

Feel free to comment or thanks this 3rd-part software in this forum post of Vmix :
The developper is not responsible of possible problems due to the excecution of this software.



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  1. Jukka Mäkelä
    | Répondre

    Vmix midi mapper is great, thank you! Is it possible you to update it to include all the new shortcuts available in vmix 12. There is new features, api, which would be nice to map into midi devices.

    Thank you.


    Jukka Mäkelä

  2. keith
    | Répondre

    Trying to install on windows 8 machine and run setup as administrator:
    Type mismatch Une erreur d’installation inattendue s’est produite!
    This is a new build Win 8 machine with .NET installed and nothing more. Are there some C library I need to install??

    I think this will then be perfect



  3. Pawel
    | Répondre

    How to download new version ? I don’t see any working link .

  4. Steve
    | Répondre

    Are you still working on this / or making it available?
    I would love to try it


  5. Maximiliano
    | Répondre

    ASV Hello , I find the download link , can you help me ? please

  6. Tiavina Ratovohery
    | Répondre

    ASV Hello , I find the download link , can you help me ? please

  7. Cesar
    | Répondre

    òtima idéia

  8. Anonyme
    | Répondre

    thank you