The project

The ASV is an associative webtv TV with the main objective the dissemination of sporting and cultural events live on the Internet. It is designed for associations, companies and institutions.

ASV TV handles the recording and live broadcast on the TV ASV site or directly on the association's website.

The origins:

The idea appeared in our volleyball association. First, we filmed our games to review them and so improve.

And with this experience, we wondered if we could not go further to volleyball because it is a sport passion for all founding members of the ASV TV and we want to spread as much as possible.

We create ASV TV.

The objectives:

From there, several associations have asked for explanations on the operation of the Internet broadcast. In view of the equipment necessary to ensure transmission quality, it has been asked to provide these lives.

Thus we expanded the ambitions of the ASV TV.

This concept does not just apply to sports associations but also cultural associations, enterprises, institutions wishing broadcast live on the internet events such as a play, a dance, a concert, seminar, etc ... . It is possible, for example, to offer virtual tours of exhibitions for people who can not travel.

The outlook:

It is necessary for the ASV TV dévelloper these skills and equipment to always offer better benefits. To do so, like any such project, the budget is essential.

Recruiting new people is also necessary for the development of ASV TV and be able to create multiple crews. If this interests you, an email address is available:

Before the ASVTV is a professional team of volunteers